Who We Are

Two brothers, one goal: to join intentionality and creativity for the most effective customer experience. Based in Southern New Jersey.

Our Story

We are Hoover Collective and we’re passionate about creating incredible experiences and recognized identities.

Why use our family name? Well, we’re bold people and we wanted to make a bold statement. We want you to know that we’re willing to put our reputation on the line, for you.

Teary eyed yet? No? Fair enough. We just want you to know that we really care.

Ethan Hoover, Co-Founder of Hoover Collective excited with confetti

Ethan Hoover

Blair Hoover, Co-Founder and web designer for Hoover Collective kicking confetti

Blair Hoover


What We Stand For

We are
inexcusably authentic

Real people are, unfortunately, hard to find now-a-days, but we aren’t (we’re right here!). We are open and transparent individuals, who value deep roots over surface relationships.

We’re OCD

We’re in the 1% of the population that lives with obsessive-customer disorder. It’s not really a disorder, but we are a rare breed that is here to give you the attention you deserve. We focus on keeping work in-house as much as possible to deliver quality products that you can trust.

We’re not
willing to settle

You know the saying “throw enough mud at the wall and some will stick”? Well, think of the mud as our ideas. We are committed to trying, and trying, and trying again, until the right thing works. This gives you the best solution and helps us sleep at night.

We are powered by energy drinks and coffee

We might as well be sponsored by Red Bull and Ultimo coffee. We’re thankful that caffeine is legal in all 50 states, because without it…well, let’s not even go there.

We like to
have a good time

We got into this because we love doing it; we have fun doing it. So, we continue that culture by celebrating wins, big or small! And to be totally honest, we’ll find any excuse to throw a party.

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