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Truth Over Trend, a faith-based content platform, asked us to help them establish their brand and online image. We were up to the challenge. They needed us to develop a main brand that could translate into their smaller sub-brands by keeping a cohesive and connected look. After discovering some of their pain points and goals for the future, we presented the implementation of what we call the "over bar" and a unique, bold color red. They loved the direction and we did too, so we got to designing.

After establishing the branding, and sub-brand "Overwear," we moved into web design. Several ideations later, we landed on a strong funnel to do three things: push for more bookings, host an array of content (written, visual, and audbile), and point traffic to the other brands.

Truth Over Trend continues to release unique daily & weekly content, point traffic to their other brands, and fulfill their mission to "inspire conscience and instigate conviction."

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