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Modus came to us with a unique request, to design a vehicle wrap that would stand out among the hundreds, if not thousands, of contractors and companies in the area. Mike Chambers, Owner & Founder of Modus, wanted a clean, minimalistic design that wasn't the typical gaudy look that you would see from a normal contractor. He had us at "clean."

Stripping away the usual information-heavy look, we went back to the basics of what a vehicle wrap, just like any design, should do. Draw the eye to the information that matters most knowing that people's attention spans are extremely short. So that's exactly what we did...

We left what mattered.

Anything can be found on Google and other search engines, so why plaster your number and everything about you on a moving billboard? It's usually impossible to read and ultimately ineffective. Mike knew this and he wanted us to help solve his problem. We designed the wrap keeping the main thing the main thing, and that main thing was the name and logo...the "M." From there we added just a touch of information that gave some clarity to what this company is and what they stand for, queue the website and values. And then we...left it there.

Mike is a happy client and we are now working on building his web presence through our web design & development capabilities.

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