Branding is about expressing your personality and values to develop a consistent experience that will resonate with your customers and create lasting relationships. It’s not just a logo, name, color palette, or font that you use - branding is the feeling you give your customers. And that feeling should accurately reflect who you are.

Our Process


Who are you? What do you value? We’ll help you answer those questions and define your brand. We’ll learn more about your business, goals, and vision for the future to set you apart from the rest.


Taking what we learned and defined, we’ll develop an identity that not only reflects your values, but also makes you stand out. We’ll go through several iterations of who you could be and land on who you are.


It’s your big moment! It’s time to tell the world about your brand. We’ll deliver all assets, often including marketing and branding collateral, so you can immediately start spreading the word.

What deliverables should I expect?

When you trust us to handle your branding, you can expect to receive a complete collection of the following deliverables: Logo designs, naming and messaging tone, brand guidelines, and in some cases, marketing and brand collateral.

What is a Logo Design and Identity System?

A logo is the visual representation of your brand. A logo is often an icon, a typeface, or both. It all depends on how you want to be represented. An identity system incorporates your logo with your brand’s colors, fonts, and other imagery.

What is Naming and Messaging?

What do you want to say, and what’s the best way to say it? Language defines a brand as much as aesthetics, and we can work with you to develop the perfect verbal identity. From naming your company to articulating brand promise, we’re here to help pinpoint the most authentic voice for your brand.

What are Brand Guidelines?

Consistency drives the power and integrity of a brand. We create logo specifications and guidelines for typography, color, iconography, and more. This empowers you to apply your brand assets correctly and consistently.

What is Marketing and Brand Collateral?

How will your customers interact with you? Social media? Business card? Yard sign? We’ll create several pieces of collateral that you can immediately print and use to get the word about your brand.

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